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To-way SMS Surveys


For some business, it's important to gather feedback and monitor their Customer Experience to act proactively for any issues in the Customer Journey. It's a competitive world. Business owners need to run their business smarter.

One of the ways to do that is to send post-visit SMS texts. Where a timed text(30/1h after the visit) sent to the customer where it's asked to answer a few questions and to rate the service.
The results then collected in the dashboard and data calculated into Net Promoter Score


  • As an owner, I think this is a GREAT idea - i will give us insight as to why a client may not return

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  • Hi All 🙂

    Currently, clients will be prompted to leave you a review through the Thank you email notification once their appointment is complete. The client can also go into the Fresha app to view their “Past appointments” where they can leave a review for the appointment they had to share their experience and also use the "Rebook" option to book it again 👍

    We'll also look at letting you add a few custom questions which clients can answer once their service has been completed. Thanks for the suggestion! 💖

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