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CX: Add Net Promoter Score


Small to medium salons and clinics need ways to easily understand Customer Journeys. Easier ways to find where they are losing their customers, why they don't come back, how to win back lost users and how to retain current customers and overly improving customer experience.

One of such ways is to track Net Promoter Score for each customer. Such scores can show at a glance what users are Promoters(Loyal), what users are Passives(voucher/discount seekers) and who are Detractors(Unhappy customers that write bad reviews)

It's an important metric to benchmark your customer experience. Many salon owners don't know about it yet, but it is slowly gaining popularity. It helps them to understand their business better and focus marketing resources appropriately and improve.

I think it would be a killer feature and make your product a strong CRM

I think SurveyMonkey nailed the explanation of NPS very well in their guide