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Highlight days with appointments in calendar view in App


Currently when you look at the calendar view in the App there is no quick/easy way to see which days have appointments versus which days do not etc. You have to click on each day to see if there is an appointment there.


  • I agree! It's a little bit unfriendly to clients wanting to book. Especially if they are elderly and its hard enough to understand online booking to begin with.

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  • Mandy Kelly,

    Thanks for the feedback. We'll keep tracking votes for this. 👍

    In the meantime, if you head to Sales>>Appointments you'll see a list of all the upcoming appointments for a particular day. ✨


    Leah Marie,

    Sorry to hear this. We've tried to make the online booking experience as easy as possible. Instead of having to manually flick through each day looking for a free time slot, clients now have a 'Next Available Date' button so they can easily jump to that date and book one of the available slots. 💖

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