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Customize journal client's next appointment


It would be great to have an option to print the next client's appointment already booked.

There is already an option to see appointments in ''Sale section'', however the filters need to be sharper, because two clients with the same name; their appointments can be cross over each to another.

If we do have an option to print/share (email) next appointment in each guest profile, it will be easier for us (partners) to communicate and share them with customers. For example: a journal of the next appointment per guest profile.

Furthermore, customizing this journal (of next appointment) will be very helpful and more personalized to each partner. 

Thank you.

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  • Félix-Antoine Breton,

    Thanks for the suggestion. We'll keep tracking votes for this. :)

    For now, if you click on the client's profile you will see their upcoming and past appointments. 

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