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Native Mobile App for iOS & Android


Native App Needed for Fresha


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    Good day you beautiful people.

    Today is a big day for us all. You can now download the Official Native Fresha Partner App from both App Store and Google Play.

    It’s been a long time coming but the wait is over!

    Enjoy additional features such as uploading your own Staff Photo and setting your own Staff Push Notifications so you never miss a beat.

    Download your very own Fresha Partner app by following these links for the Apple Store here

    Download the Android version here

    Thanks again for requesting this feature!

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  • Adding to home screen is NOT a native app. There were hundreds of requests/votes in the previous system. 

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  • All the "home screen" option does is open dozens of tabs in the browser. That's why we want a native app. 

    It also does not have full functionality in Safari.

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  • @Skinique Appointments 

    Yes, adding to homescreen is not a native app as native app is in the works but the shortcut allows for quick launch and generally saves you from having to add your password each time, whilst also allow us to update your Fresha account rather than you having to re-download the latest version every two weeks. 

    As Fresha is optimised for mobiles, Safari does have 100% functionality and you'll experience this across both mobile and desktop. 

    If there are any particular features you are looking for, other than not opening within a browser, please do specify. Incase you are referring to "Offline mode" and "Staff Notifications" then these are considered separate features. 

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  • Hi Fresha Team! 

    First of all, I would like to say thank you guys for that great job you have already done! 

    However, I would like to put my vote on a mobile app or other offline or sync solution. 

    Here are several problems below we are struggling with: 

    1. Manage appoints on the way (during traveling) is getting painful due to mobile connection. Pages are loading very slow and sometimes are not available. I understand that is the mobile operator issue, but we are in New Zealand and traffic outside of the country is not as good. 

    2. We are getting an issue with duplicate clients. It happens when a staff member creates appointment during a slow internet connection. Staff types phone number or name of existing customer but the search list returns a blank list, then a staff member creates a new client, as she thinks that customer doesn't exist. I did several tests and indeed customer's search is not that responsive and sometimes it takes several seconds to return a search result. 

    3. Safari. Not a problem, but still we have to convince staff to use another browser. 

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  • P.S. My point is that it would be great if a mobile app will keep some data like clients list and appointments on the phone and sync data when getting online. Mobile app which works online only will not make many benefits, at least for our business.

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  • +1 FEATURE for a mobile app. 

    It would be great if the Fresha app will use a phone as a mobile SMS gateway to send reminders to customers. 

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  • @Fresha team

    you gotta re add the icon to the home screen every couple of weeks so that it opens up in the correct week and then delete the old one.

    Logically easier to update an app. With offline mode. Yes well aware we can use 4G....but what if we couldnt?

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  • I was told back in May that the app was 2 months away making that a July role out.  We are about to hit December and nothing.

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  • Hi Fresha team

    Firstly, thank you for having a free software for us to use. I moved from Timely having 20 staffs and i find you guys can do just almost the same, or more!.

    But the BIGGEST thing that make us regret from switching is no app.

    Home screen do the work, but it opens up on wrong date, and if i get out of the page to check something and go back on, i need to wait for it to load, then click on the right date again, that will take another half a minute for client to wait on the phone. 

    If we can have it would be absolutely fantastic.

    Again, thank you!

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  • This is just a quick note about users having issues with the 'add to homescreen' showing the current date when you open it up - meaning that you have to delete the icon and re-add every few weeks so you don't have to click to the current day...

    What's happened is you've saved the URL of the current day to your homescreen - to fix this - first go to your Fresha on your phone browser and log out.

    Then enter the URL in the address bar: https://partners.fresha.com/calendar - when it's loaded (you should be at the login page) add this page to your homescreen - you should see the Fresha icon and the URL: 
    (nothing else after the .com should be there - this is important)

    Now close down your browser and click the homescreen link.  Log in - now every time you click the homescreen link, it will always go to today's date. 

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