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Color Code/Link Multiple client appointments

We have clients that come in as a group.  This could be a wedding party or just a mother/daughter appointment to have their nails done.  It would be great to have the ability to link the people who come in together so that the technicians know that they would like to sit together during their service.
  • Purpose - when groups schedule appointments at the same time (i.e. bridal party, mother and daughter coming in for pedicures) allow for color coding or connecting all of those appointments together.  This would show that they are a group together and should be sitting next together.
  • Workflow - when more than one person is scheduling an appointment together, allow the end user to select a specific color for each appointment or have the ability that the appointments link together.  For example:  Mary (mother) and Jane (daughter) are scheduled for a pedicure.  Mary is assigned to Ashley (technician) and Jane is assigned to Leslie (technician).  When they look at the calendar to know that Mary and Jane need to sit beside each other in the pedicure room.


  • Tia,

    Thanks for the suggestion - we haven't had this before. We'll keep tracking votes for it. :) 

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  • We desperately need this functionality, we have multiple people coming for spa circuits and see can't group them and see who is part of which group easily! please add this asap

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