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Why is my BOOKING link showing offline?


My booking link suddenly started to show offline. I searched everywhere within the account to see what's going on but cannot figure out. Can anyone let me know what's going on?


  • I have a similar problem. Why nobody here to help?

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  • Hi Thanyalux Chowbanko were you able to fix this problem for you? Thanks.

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  • W/M and Thanyalux Chowbanko

    You might not be shown online when you have no services to offer, or staff with working hours. Anything else would need to be looked at closer. Drop us an email at so we can help you look into it further.

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  • I checked and both the services and staff options are fine on my account. I also emailed the details to . People are not able to book online right now. I'd really appreciate if this can be resolved. Thank you.

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  • W/M

    I see you got in touch, and have been able to list your profile online. If anyone else has issues, let us know at

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  • Hi my booking app has went offline, i have not intended to sign up to fresha plus for now - and like to continue to use the free version until i get my business up and running.   Can this be resolved as you do mention there i s free version available?


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  • Hey Collab Style Studio

    Please reach out to us at so we can help you out with specific questions about your business.

    Your profile is offline as the preview has expired. So you can continue to use it for free and when you are ready, just sign up to Fresha Plus to take on those additional features. :)


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  • Thanks, but how do i get my booking link to work? as its saying its expired?  Does this only work with Fresha Plus?

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  • Collab Style Studio

    Correct. Fresha Plus comes with online bookings, text reminders, marketing, payment processing and much more. If you are not sure where to start, I recommend checking out our guide on getting started with Fresha Plus.

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