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Google Reserve may bring some clients in and we are aware that messages are being sent asking them to verify their appointment but there is no follow-up and we are still having no-shows booked through Google Reserve. Can this not be further expanded so the appointment is cancelled or flagged up if not confirmed? Presently we would have to regularly run reports to see but this could perhaps be automated.

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  • Hi Admin Salon

    There are a few limitations with Google Reserve when it comes to requiring them to add a card when booking online. As soon as an appointment is created via Google, we are sending them a request to confirm their appointment with their card right as the appointment is created. 

    We're working closely with them to bring this as a requirement at the point of booking. 

    In the meantime you can head to sales > appointments. Filter your next 7 days of bookings with the channel Google Reserve. Any who have confirmed their appointment with a card will show as "Confirmed", whilst the others will show as "New".  You can follow up with those clients, or choose to manage those appointments cancelling them beforehand. 

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