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Book with multiple staff for multiple services/group booking at same time


Is there anyway you can work on how clients can choose the staff they want to work on certain services. For example, I want to get pedicure with technician A, and manicure with technician B. we can do 1 staff only when clients do booking. Also, can you also work on group booking? we always have clients that want to book services for 2 person at a time, but there's no way they can do that. they have to book 1 service, then go back, and book another service. Thanks


  • Alex Do,

    We're tracking group bookings already, so be sure to add your vote to it: https://support.fresha.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115002176285-Classes-and-Group-Bookings

    As for the staff preference, the reason the client cannot select their preferred staff when booking multiple services is because it's impossible to find the perfect combination. For the client, it would be like playing the lottery trying to find the combination where both staff members are available for the same date and time.

    However, if the client books each service one by one, they can choose their preferred staff for each service.  :) 

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  • i don't think you get the idea. how is it impossible for client to book 2 separate services with 2 staff? Let's say staff A is available at 9:00, and staff B is available at 10:00, if client wants to do  service with staff A at 9:00, and another service with staff B at 10:00. They can just book one time if the system allow. Since Fresha does not allow to do so, client has to book service with staff B first, then figure out how long would it take, and go back from beginning to book another serivce with staff A. It is just more steps for clients. Now, if 2 or 3 staffs are available at the same time, they can do group booking. It's easy. I dont see why it's not impossible. I think Fresha should work on it. Just let you know, Vagaro system can do it. 

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