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Reconfirm already Confirmed Appointments via Texts/Emails


I would really like for the reminder texts to actually be able to confirm client attendance. That way I actually know if they're going to show up. Ex: 1 to confirm, 2 to reschedule, 3 to cancel.


  • I agree 100%. 

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  • Leah Marie & Brian Porche,

    When a booking is made online, the client receives a confirmation email so their appointment is already confirmed. :) 

    Also, with Fresha Plus, we have a feature called No-Show and Late Cancellation Protection which requires clients to add their card details to their bookings. If they don't show up, or cancel late, you can charge a cancellation fee as you'll have their card on file. :) You can read more about this here: Managing No-Shows & Cancellations

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  • @...,

    No, the appointment is not 100% confirmed on both ends with just one way communication. We should have the option to enable the ability for clients to manually confirm themselves when sent a reminder about their appointment.

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  • Hi Leah Marie

    Thanks for your feedback! We really appreciate any ideas or suggestions you have, and have shared your feedback with our development team. This isn’t something we’re currently working on, but we have loads of exciting features ready to launch over the next few months. 

    In the meantime, we suggest using our No-Show and Late Cancellation Protection, as clients need to add their card details to make an appointment online. If they then fail to show up or cancel with no notice you can charge the client a fee. 

    Partners can still cast their vote if they would like this feature built in the future. Keep the ideas coming - we love to hear 'em! 

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