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Reconfirm already Confirmed Appointments via Texts/Emails


I would really like for the reminder texts to actually be able to confirm client attendance. That way I actually know if they're going to show up. Ex: 1 to confirm, 2 to reschedule, 3 to cancel.


  • I agree 100%. 

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  • Leah Marie & Brian Porche,

    When a booking is made online, the client receives a confirmation email so their appointment is already confirmed. :) 

    Also, with Fresha Plus, we have a feature called No-Show and Late Cancellation Protection which requires clients to add their card details to their bookings. If they don't show up, or cancel late, you can charge a cancellation fee as you'll have their card on file. :) You can read more about this here: Managing No-Shows & Cancellations

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  • Team Fresha,

    No, the appointment is not 100% confirmed on both ends with just one way communication. We should have the option to enable the ability for clients to manually confirm themselves when sent a reminder about their appointment.

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