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client comfirms with husbands cc problem


3 clients confirm their appointment with their husbands cc

Which change the name on the appointment to his name too.

Start to be a big problem because with the medical history i keep track on this is getting a task to not make mistakes.


We cannot change it ( or we have to cancel the appointment and rebook) can we please can get a solution for this issue



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  • Trish Mushero & Tiffany Coltrain,

    If the other family member (child, husband, etc.) has a profile within your Fresha account, that has the other client's (e.g. Mother's) email address and then the mother books online using her Fresha profile (that has the same email as her child's profile), the system will auto-merge the two profiles together.

    For this reason, we recommend that parents book on behalf of their children and specify in the booking notes who the appointment is for. The history will then be tracked together under the mother's account. 

    We appreciate your feedback though and we'll keep tracking votes for this. 😊

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