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Birthday Emails


Since there are quite a number of countries still waiting for FRESHA PLUS to go live in their areas, could we have the following in the meanwhile|:

An Email reminder to the manager / owner / receptionist on a daily basis, which informs you of your customer's birthdays, together with their contact number and email?

I tend to miss out on some of my customer's birthdays, because I don't check this on a daily basis.


  • Hannelise Bester

    My recommendation, for now, would be to go into your client's section which you can export into excel. You can then filter by month to highlight all your clients for the month. 

    If you have an appointment in your calendar with a client who has an upcoming birthday, you will see the birthday bubble. 


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  • Is there anyway to put birthday as a must when they sign up? None of my clients put it their birthday.

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  • Thanks for the suggestion, Nguyen! I've shared your thoughts with the team :) 

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