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Import Appointment to Calendar

My previous booking system emailed appointment reminders with a link which enabled clients to import their appointment straight into their calendar (Google Calendar, Outlook, iCal etc). Some of my clients have said they miss this feature. Understandably so, too. Please can you add this feature 🙏?

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  • Hey Phil! That's an awesome suggestion ❤️

    The good news is if your client is already logged into Google Apps, they should be able to add the appointment to their Google Calendar by following the below steps:

    • Open the email you wish to turn into an appointment.
    • From across the top of the screen, click [More].
    • From the drop-down menu, click “Create event.” You will be taken to a Google Calendar edit event page.

    That should do the trick but we'll look into an official solution for Syncing Calendars 🙂

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