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45 minute online bookings


Hi there have seen a few post already saying pretty much the same as i am about to but feel like this needs to be added as soon as possible due to the ongoing pandemic.i think alot of people will agree with my by saying we need to have a 45 minute option for clients to book online so appoitments can run back to back.Right now we have for example if somehow starts their shift at 9.00 am there next client can book at 09.45 and so.the way it is structured now you end up not being able to fill gaps and loose out on maxium numbers of clients comming through everyday.


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    Thanks to everyone who voted for this idea - this feature is now live! You can now set up 45 minute slots online. Click here to view our handy Help Centre article on how to set up slots online.

    Keep the suggestions coming - we’re always looking for new and exciting features that will help you!

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  • Lewis Tait,

    Thanks for the suggestion. We've had this requested here already so please add your votes to it so we can have all the votes in one place and better prioritize. 😊

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