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Aftercare Forms with a twist


Good morning FRESHA team.

I know there is already a suggestion to create an aftercare or pre appointment email depending on specific treatments, which is an amazing idea. My suggestion is similar to an aftercare email (you could use the same code) but instead of having 1 form that would be send, there would be a option to send another form X amount of days after treatment.

This then could be used to remind the client that their treatment is due. For example a BOTOX Client would go like the following.

1. Client books treatment

2. Email send straight away with pre reqs ( You must of had a separate consultation for this treatment etc)

3. Client has treatment

4 Email sent straight away stating aftercare i.e do not exercise for 24hrs etc.

5. 90 days later an email is sent saying " Its nearly time to repeat your treatment" " Book now" etc

All can be done under the same coding, just thought id mention it as it might cause less work for your development team in the future. 

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  • Alex Henderson,

    Thanks for the suggestion - we can see how it would be helpful. 😊  This feature has actually already been requested here so please add your vote to the original request. We'd like to keep all the votes in one place so we can better prioritize.

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