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Smart Marketing


With the smart marketing can you introduce a time frame for them to use the voucher code. At the moment they can book for the periodicity of how far into the future you have set up for your system.

I like to have 6 months of availability out there. I cant give someone 10% off for their birthday that they can use 6 months after their birthday, i want to give them 30 days from their birthday. 

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  • Alex Henderson,

    Thanks for the suggestion - we love the idea. In fact, we're already working on it! 😆

    We're working on a feature that will allow you to offer online-only discounts for "off-peak" and "last-minute" appointments based on certain scheduled times. e.g. a 'March Madness' campaign with a discount for appointments booked for the month of March.

    We'll let you know when this feature is ready to go live. Stay tuned. 😊

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