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Free voucher and expiry date



It'd be great if you could allow vouchers to be free instead of a minimum of 0.01.  The idea behind this is I want to run a promo where we give away an extra free voucher only valid for a certain time.  To get around this, I can sell the voucher and change the price to zero but it'd be great if it could just be free from the beginning instead. It's also easier if you want to give a way a voucher instead of a refund and don't want to put a random amount and then zero at the sales page.

Also, we used to be able to set a date limit I believe, how come this has changed?  I want that extra voucher to be valid until end of February only and right now, I can only set it to a certain number of days or months.


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  • TeeCee Chau,

    Thanks for the feedback - two great ideas here! 😊  To help keep votes organised, please post a separate request for one of these features so that we can track votes for each feature individually. 👍

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