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Barcode listener in context


It could be usefull to have barcode listener in every search context and a barcode for every object (client, products, voucher, services).
I means, if I'm in Product list and I scan some barcode the listener should search for product with the barcode I scanned without positioning in search box (I have implemented it in a developement in my job).
If I'm in client list -> search for client with the barcode I scanned, and so on.
If I'm doing inventory count, when I scan a product barcode and then a barcode number for quantity register inventory. 

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  • Hi Elite Sarnico

    You can currently use a barcode scanner to bring up products as this is where barcodes are mainly used. 

    Appreciate that you may wish to bring up a client by barcode, but we've found that most partners search for a client by their name rather than a barcode. Searching for a product within the inventory section using a barcode scanner is already possible and will retrieve the product that you scan. This functionality also works by returning the product at checkout. 

    With services, I can see this functional when setting up hundreds of services and you need to find an exact one with a barcode. Whilst this may be better for a large list of services that you are searching for internally, those who are booking online will not know your barcodes and will instead want to find a service relatively easily which is why we recommend keeping your list of services easily manageable for those booking online. 

    Vouchers are already barcode-like where we generate a code for you. We are planning on making it easier for you to find and use the correct voucher for the client who has purchased a voucher by making it available at checkout. You can follow and vote on this here.

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