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Marketing Audience Filters


I'd like to better hone my direct marketing audience through more exact filters such as:

- Clients who have seen a certain service provider (option to add time frame as well)

- Clients who have received a certain service (option to add time frame as well)

- Clients who do not have a listed email or phone number

- Clients who have bought a product of a certain brand

There are more opportunities, but these are essential. If we could create more targeted marketing campaigns we would utilize this service more. 


  • Hi Josh Friesen

    Thanks for the great suggestions. This is something we can look at adding in as we get more requests for this. 

    You can extract your client list where only your client's names appear without an email or mobile number.

    In order for the blast emails to work, your client's email will need to be present. Similarly, for clients that do not have a listed phone number, the blast text won't work. Blasts won't return client details where these are not present. For example, when setting up a blast text campaign, only clients where a mobile number is present will have a text sent.

    Once you have your client list extracted and you've filtered out those who have neither an email or phone, make sure to check their upcoming appointments and ask them for more info when they come in. 

    We plan to bring features to sell products online in the future and can see the value of sending a blast email to let your clients know that the product is in stock, or available to purchase.

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  • Hi Josh Friesen

    I hope you have seen the new additions to marketing regarding the option to filter time frames as well as by staff member. 

    We'll keep tracking the requests for product brand and by service or category. 

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