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All Fresha updates (even small) listed



While major updates (consultation forms for example) are listed in Fresha -> Notifications -> News, it would be great we there will be some separate thread where all small updates in some separate thread, so we would be able to monitor all fixes, not only major:

- 22.01.2021 added ability to book appointment within then client page

- 19.01.2021 changed colour for the button

- etc

Many thanks!


  • Hi Gregory (admin)

    Thanks for the idea. We send out notifications for features that are released within Fresha. We also update our community when a suggestion made has been released. We also have a news and updates page here.

    We'll monitor how many of our partners would like to get updates to these types of notifications and plan accordingly.

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  • Hello. Many thanks for your answer! I do believe that small updates will not appear within the Fresha (new button added, or other small fixes). Also you can't monitor all forum topics at the same time, so just a simple page with changelog will be great I think :) Thank you! 

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