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Staff Notifications - Email and SMS

I, as administrator, would like to receive e-mail or SMS notifications of all new bookings, changes, and cancellations. This is very handy when away from the office.

Via SMS & Email / Beyond just bookings made online through the widget.

New booking created (not only online) / Staff Reminders / Reschedules / Cancellations with reasons / Consolidate multiple alerts


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    Thanks for the feedback, everyone! Great news - we've created something even better than email and SMS for staff notifications which is both more cost-effective and reliable: in-app and push notifications! 🙋

    Each staff member can now be notified through the bell icon as well as push notification when an appointment has been created or updated. Whether you’ve been booked online or internally, whether it’s rescheduled or cancelled, never miss a beat! 

    Head to the avatar in the topic right-hand corner and click the gear icon to update your notification settings. 🔔

    Read about it here: How to set up staff notifications 

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  • While this is a planned feature, can you please add the functionality needed to edit the notification sent to staff? I don't want staff to have access to client contact info as those are monitored through the reception.

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  • Hey Jessica - we have a feature idea for this here where you can vote here.

    The good news is, hiding client contact details is a feature that has already been spec'd up and is in the queue to be developed :) 

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  • Is there a specific date as to when these push notifications will start??


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  • Hey Angel, it's tricky to give set dates however, we I can explain our prioritise for you. 

    Based on user demands, our first major priority is releasing Payment Processing to all key markets, followed by the Native App. Once the Native App is live, we'll then be able to build on top of it to add push Staff Notifications through the application :) 

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  • I would really like to be able to receive an SMS when and on line booking is made or even a notification alert as my email has trouble refreshing so I am afraid to miss a booking.



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  • I too am anxious for email & SMS notification to be launched.  Thank you for looking into creating a program that will work with Fresha.

    Do you think we are getting close?


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  • Receiving an SMS for bookings should be a top priority for the Fresha team. This is not a nice to have but a necessity. Many other booking / scheduling apps have this feature. Please add. Thanks!

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  • @rocky brady
    SMS notifications are super expensive and unreliable. If you give your staff restricted log in access and they download the application, they'll be notified via push notifications. 

    If there's still demand for SMS staff notifications post Push Notifications, we can look into adding it as an optional chargeable add on :) 

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  • It will be great to include the option to choose to send reminders to a staff at a certain time before an appointment (similar to client reminder) so my staff is aware of an upcoming appointment. This is suitable for freelancers who only comes when they have an appointment booked for them.

    It will also be great to be able to access and book for other staff but have the option to choose to be notified for only your own appointments. As a staff might be required to book appointment for their colleagues while they are at the reception, but it is not necessary to receive notifications for your colleagues' appointments. The staff might miss notification for herself due to receiving too many notifications.

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