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Feature Request::Block Time After Appointment


It would be nice if the blocked time function could have the option to be set for "at end of appointment" instead of or in addition to "after service". When a client books for multiple services in one appointment, I do not need the blocked time after each service, I just need it at the end of the appointment to clean and set up for the next client. For example; when a client books for a brow shape and a lash fill in one appointment, I do not need the 30 minutes of blocked time after the brow shape before the lash fill, I only need it at the end of the appointment. The fact that the blocked time is added after each service makes for a lot of wasted time unless I manually go in and delete it. It also causes issues for clients when booking multiple services because it does not allow them to see openings that are "too short" on account of all of the additional time added by unnecessary "blocked time" between services.

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  • This would be a massive win to have the ability to do this! I have to manually alter each appointment to reduce the time booked for clients having more than 1 treatment because of this issue.

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