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Improved Paid Plans


Dear Support,


The new paid plam feature is really great. We’re mostly selling packages with 6 sessions for laser hair removal services. I’m sure the following features will make bookings and sales better & smoother. 


1) Organise paid plan. We have about 15 areas for Laser Hair Removal Only. Totally for other service we should have about 40 packages. It’s a bit difficult to search thorough all of them and will be good if you can categorise paid plans. For example: Laser Hair Removal Packages. Slimming packages, etc. When the client click on the group, it should expand and clients can select the package they want. It will be good for us and for the client to find correct paid plan online. 


2) Discounted paid plans. Some of the packages should be discounted as well. For example we can run 1 month promotion for specific package. I think that should be great idea. 


3) Paid plan rebooking. For example client purchase 6 packages and used 1 sessions from each of the package. To rebook this client, we need to go to rebook appointment and find the available time. However when you click on the available time, it makes the booking but no use the sessions from the package, so you need to manually go to edit appointment and apply paid plan. It will be great if system will ask “apply paid plan” when you rebook the appointment, so you will don’t need to manually edit appointment and apply paid plan, it takes time. 


4) Paid plan timing. If client purchased few paid plans we manually adjust time for whole appointment. Single session on it’s own will take 30 min, but if client booked 7 different paid plans it could save nearly 2 hours, because we are doing treatments with the same client and don’t need to add the clean up time. It will be amazing feature if system will remember the current appointment time adjustment and when you click “rebook” it will adjust whole appointment within same time. Otherwise we need to again manually adjust whole appointment, which takes the time. 


5) Monitoring amount of remaining sessions. It will be great feature to keep showing 0 in the package, so we will have a note for ourselves that the client booked all sessions. Now when you click last session in the paid plan, it disappears and sometimes it’s confusing for us to understand how many sessions left and if whole paid plan have been used. 


Many thanks!



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  • Jules Nugteren

    Thanks for this great feedback. Lots of great ideas and a lot of potential for improvements. The engineering team will take into account these points when improving this feature.

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