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👅Multi-language for Fresha


Please translate Fresha to extend to the rest of the world. Or if you can't, make it translated by the community. Lots of people are waiting for this feature to deploy Fresha in businesses worldwide.

In my case, the second I can have a french version, I'll install Fresha in my salons.

Hope it can be heard once and for all.

Cheers and bravo for everything you do!


  • Official comment

    Thanks, everyone for voting!

    We currently support the following languages ✨
    Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish and Ukrainian.

    Any improvements we can make to the existing translations above can be sent to us directly at hello@fresha.com. Make sure to use your registered email with the subject "Translation Suggestion" so we can look into improving this further for everyone.

    Any languages that you would all like to see that is not as above should be added as a new User Ideas with the language ❤️

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  • YES PLEASE, i need Fresha in Spanish :)

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  • We can help to translate Fresha to russian. Thank you.

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  • Of course
    It is the most important and most expected function by users speaking differently than English.

    We can help to translate Fresha to spanish.

    Thank you.

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  • Yes i also can help to translate to Dutch (The Netherlands) :D 


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  • Hi Guys I offer myself to help to translate to Spanish 2nd most spoken language in the world.


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  • I think it will never happen, I am asking about it for the last 18 months. No luck. 

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  • I kind of agree with you. On their Facebook feed, they’ve been saying since 2015 that multi language is coming soon or very soon.
    That’s unfair not to be frank. Last time they told me summer 2018. We’re about to be in autumn, still no update about that :(

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  • Hi Everyone, small update from us. We totally appreciate the demand for localisation! 

    And yes, languages have been pushed back and for several reasons. We have always intended to release based on the time frames we've provided but unfortunately it can be difficult to estimate as software continuously changes. We do appreciate this can make it difficult for you to plan on your side. 

    Postponing languages has predominantly been because we still have a long way to go with developing requested features. Although we have 90% of all features required to run a business, there are still many work arounds that are being suggested and used. These work arounds are tricky to explain in English let alone to translate and support.

    Once we release the majority of key features and reduce user dependance on workarounds, we'll then be in a better position to prepare for official translations. As you can imagine, translating the system will create an explosion in growth in those markets and we need to ensure the system and support team are in the correct position to manage this growth. 

    Translating the system is very important to us and we want to open up Fresha to the whole world. It is however crucial we execute properly. 

    After realigning internally and to help manage expectations, we're planning on translating Fresha to the most requested markets mid 2019. 

    We would very much like users to continue voting for their preferred languages to helps us to priorities this as most requested features. Hope this insight helps :) 

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  • No this does not help at all, it just makes me even more upset with myself and the fact that I trusted you assurances and dates you gave. Still you did not kept your promises. You just keep postponing everything.  You have been deceiving us way too long. Not happy.

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  • Dear Fresha team,

    on one hand I understand your point that a translated version will create an explosion of the userbase and that you're not prepared for that right now. Potentially this is typically an evolution of the software that would drive you to set up a fee-based usage model (for new users ;-)

    Wrt the technical part (being an IT guy), the reasoning of "not yet all of the core functions are there, so we're focusing on that" is less convincing.
    If it is not the case yet, the architecture of the app should be set up in such a way that ANY text that gets displayed on screen, is not "hard-coded" inside the programming logic, but retrieved from "text based" tables.
    Any important, corporate software is set up like that and then the user base can (at their own time and expense) just type in the translated piece of text for the corresponding language. 
    With the inclusion of a language parameter at user account level, the "overlay" of the correct language text over the rest of the "hard-coded" screen layout is a piece of cake for IT and totally transparent to users.

    And as you continue your journey to produce more "code" to support new functionalities, you just bother maintaining the one and only "original text" for those functions; The community has to pick it up and type in their translated version, else the original text is used (which can lead to some strange views with some part of the screen in "other language" and some labels in English. But hey, that's their (so our !) problem, right ..;
    So whether you consider to be at 90% or whatever number of targeted functionality, we don't have to wait for this to implement the multi-language feature as it is totally not related.

    Looking forward to hearing the feedback form the Architecture and Managerial levels on this contribution.



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  • Dear Fresha Team,

    I 100% agree that you want to take your time to develop things properly.

    I've been testing and comparing over 80 booking systems in the last few years, for several types of business/services (classes, appointments, multi-location, multi-language, on the go, etc.)

    I've just started testing Fresha, and this is definitely one of the smootest platforms I've seen until now, so congrats.

    Almost 50% of the Belgian citizens live in +- multilingual territory. So even our local businesses have to work at least bi-lingual FR and NL. With a single language platform, we lose 50% of the market.


     - let the client pick his own language

     - show language depending on browser language

     - language choice landing page (this, I think, is the 'best' option)

     - let business pick own 'wording' for every single word in the complete booking process (also notification emails/sms), because every business has it's own public, and above all, I've never seen a native EN platform translation in 'decent' FR or NL language.

     - have language as one of the client date fields, on which all communication depends.

    Hope this info will help you to make good decisions on how to write the multi-lingual feature .

    Good luck with it !

    You can always contact met on my personal email kvmalder at gmail.


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  • Please add Greek also!

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  • Hi Fresha Team,

    I have experience translating a couple of software GUI systems, so I'd be a valuable community member when it comes to translating GUI (EN to LT). Otherwise, the missing native language feature lessens the value of such a great app - that makes it difficult to fully implement and be used by the customers (definitely not all of my customers speak either of the mentioned languages fluently or so... ).

    Looking for news on language boost-up.

    Remember guys, we're (the community) here to help you push it through!



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  • We need in Greek language. I willing to help if you decide it!

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  • Hi, I want to use in Japanese, cause my target clients are Japanese and English speakers.

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  • Another Vote for Greek Language. I would be willing to help translating strings  if needed. Thank you.

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  • I can help to translate into Vietnamese. We need this booking platform.

    I am looking forward to see Fresha in Vietnamese.

    Thank you,

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  • I want a Fresha to russian

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  • Hello everyone,
    I would like to ask to include Portuguese in the list of languages, please. Brazil, Portugal, Angola and Mozambique together, total more than 290 million people and a large market of health and beauty companies.
    To help with the quick availability of Fresha in Portuguese, we can help with the translation. You can use the Transiflex platform or any other that can be shared.
    To support the new customer demand with new languages, I suggest selecting local partners for the first level of service.

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