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60 min timeslot interval


Could you add "60 min timeslots" in calendar settings? I hope this not so big feature, thank you!


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    Thanks to everyone who voted for this idea - this feature is live! 

    Check out our handy guide on how to set up hourly slots here.

    If you have any more feature suggestions, create a post and vote!

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  • You add those yourself.

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  • How could I do this?

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  • Oh shoot!  I just realized it goes up to 30 minutes!  I thought I saw 60 minutes... so you are right!

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  • Thank you for your answer.

    Our case of using, we have some procedure, that starts every hour 10:00am, 11:00am, 12:00am... it longs about 45 min, after that we prepare room for new procedure. It does not matter, when procedure finished, anyway new one will start in next hour. Thats why we ask an option 60 min.

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  • im desperate for 60 min time slots and also the ability to stop clients booking at times that leave me sitting doing nothing in between empty slots... When i have more control over my bookings i book one the hour every hour normally and separate each service into one hour. Now id lose 15 minute or 30 min intervals if i use the current booking system.

    A GOOD sticky feature that only allows certain services to be booked 1hour or every 2 hour intervals

    For example. If i book hair highlights and it takes me 3 hours for one session,. i can only squeeze 3 in per day Max... Thats placing them all back to back every 3 hours. Under current system i cannot do 3 in one day as they can book whenever they like.

    Granted i understand the 15 min theory about maximizing your days bookings, we dont want that feature removing just the ability to tweak certain services to not allow it and have say 1 hour or 3 hour sticky time slots

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  • So, it seems, long story short, there is no way to have a 45 minute session, followed by a 15 processing time/or blocked time, that only allows them to book on the hour????


    It's very common that Salt Rooms run on the hour and need the 15 minutes to exhaust the room. 


    To complicate things we now offer 25 minute sessions as well and only those can be booked on the 1/2 hour.  I cannot have a 45 minute session book on the 1/2 hour.  


    Is there any work arounds for these scenarios? 

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  • Yes, please add 60 min slot - we only want bookings to be made on the hour regardless of how long the appointment is

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  • or the ability  to add 45 min intervals. we work on 45 minute blocks on every service. a feature to adjust the intervals yourself maybe easier.

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  • *Online Booking Time Slots* ⏲️

    We've done it! We've updated the online booking time slots to allow for 15, 20, 30 mins and 1h intervals!

    This way, you can be more flexible on how granular your online booking availability shows.

    To set this up, head to "Online Booking" > "Settings" and remember to save your changes.

    If you haven't been upgraded to Fresha yet, email us at hello@fresha.com for your upgrade so that you can make the most of these features!

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