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Even distribution of new online bookings between staff members


Even distribution of new online bookings between staff members. Currently it looks like it assigns the appointments from left to right without taking into account who has less or zero appointments at the moment and just assigns it by default to whoever has availability on the left colums first until they run out of space leaving the staff members on the right columns as the last ones to get appointments.

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    Hi Steven, thanks for sharing!

    We can looking into increasing the randomisation of appointments more :) 

    For a quick solution that you can implement now, you'll notice that an appointment booked online has a "cloud" icon. If a client specifically requested a staff member, you'll see a "heart" icon. 

    This means, if you see an appointment on the calendar with a cloud but no heart, you can drag and drop it to another staff member to even out the distribution. 

    Hope this helps!

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