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Reminder message with "Manage Booking" conflicts with Cancellation Period


With the update to Fresha, the new SMS notification appends the following "Manage Booking: <link>".  The option to remove this is not possible currently hence can conflict with cancellation policies.

For example: if you are sending notifications 24hrs prior to an appointment and has a 24-hour cancellation policy, there is no point to having the link in the text since they won't be able to manage the appointment due to the 24 hour policy.  The fresha app/website will just ask them to call, which depending on how you word your reminder, would already have that info in the body of the SMS message.

Hi CLIENT_FIRST_NAME, you have an appointment atBUSINESS_NAME onBOOKING_DATE_TIME. DO NOT REPLY, call/text LOCATION_PHONE for changes or Manage Booking: fresha.com/l/SYUlhhMZ

A solution is needed that allows for either:

  • synching of blurb added to SMS notification based on the policy. If within cancellation text should just say call.
  • modify the blurb that is automatically added to the SMS -- something along the lines of: i.e. To Manage Booking prior to 24-hour cancellation period: fresha.com/l/SYUlhhMZ otherwise call LOCATION_PHONE"
  • Have the option to add/remove the appended blurb


  • Official comment

    Very good suggestion. We'll look into it!

    Thanks, Neil! 

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  • I really don't like that the cancellation policy is automatically 24 hours and I can't change it. I want mine to be 48 hours but then they will get the reminder/confirmation that negates what I say. Needs to be fixed!

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