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Checkout: quantity change of services


if It’s Botox and sold by units. When charge $10 per unit. I can’t change the quantity on checkout for number of units used.  Any suggestions?




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    Hi Dr. B. Habib :) 

    Some businesses are selling a "Botox Consultation" as a "service", then selling Botxo Unit's as a "product" so that you can track how many units you have in stock and adjust the quantity sold during check out. 

    Hope this helps! 

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  • Same question here. I don’t think your answer is clear.
    Can we change the quantity of (service) on the checkout? Yes or No

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  • Hi Wasim, you can't change the quantity of services but you can add the same service multiple times. Having said that, for this particular example, the "Service" should be the consultation and the Unit's sold should be sold as "Products" which you can change the quantity of. 

    Eg 1 x 30 minute consultation (service)
    + 10 x 1 Unit of botox (product). 

    This way, it's much easier to keep track of units sold, unit stock levels, unit orders  etc :) 

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