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Fresha in French


Please translate all of Fresha into French


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    Thanks, everyone for voting!

    You'll be pleased to know that we have translated Fresha into many languages, and we're continuing to work on many more.

    To help us keep track of most requested languages, we've created a new Use Idea for each language listed here thus far. Please cast your votes for the languages you need so we know which ones to prioritize:

    We currently have translated the following languages: 

    • Bulgarian
    • Croatian
    • Czech
    • Danish
    • Dutch
    • English
    • Finnish
    • French
    • German
    • Greek
    • Hungarian
    • Italian
    • Lithuanian
    • Norwegian
    • Polish
    • Portuguese
    • Romanian 
    • Slovenian
    • Spanish
    • Swedish

    Any improvements we can make to the existing translations above can be sent to us directly at hello@fresha.com. Make sure to use your registered email with the subject "Translation Suggestion" so we can look into improving this further for everyone. Let us know which section and the accompanying text / screenshots to help improve this further.

    Any languages that you would all like to see that is not as above should be added as a new User Ideas with the language :) 

    In the meantime, you can:


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  • Please translate all of Fresha into French

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  • Hi,

    Please translate all of Fresha into French.


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  • please feature: every client can pick his own language !

    we would like to be able to translate everything ourselves.

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  • +1

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  • It's a must, we can't propose local service in English be in Switzerland, France or Belgium. WHEN do we get the French option. Look at Shopify, they were loosing market share and now they're doing great thanks to localisation (not silly translation on the fly by Google Translate).

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