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Manually remove taxes during check out


Hi there i only use VAT on certain services as some are VAT exempt. It would be really handy if there was a drop down menu on checkout that let you select either 1. VAT. 2. VAT exempt. 3. NO VAT.


Thank you


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    Hey Alex, 

    Thanks for sharing. 

    We have a better solution than users having to manually adjust / remove the VAT each time :) 

    1. Head to "Setup">"Taxes" to create your tax.
    2. Scroll down to "Taxe Defaults" and allocate which taxes should be applied to which products / services
    3. Click the three grey dots for More Options and click "Apply Default To All Items"
    4. Then simply go through all of the services or products that are VAT exempt and change their status from the default tax to "No Tax" and save. 

    This means, everything is setting up by default so you do not need to adjust as you go :) 

    Here's an article to help: Add Taxes

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  • This will not work for me because some of the treatments are VAT exempt to individuals not treatments ( medical reasons) So i constantly have to keep changing the VAT. Is there a posibility it could just be added as a drop down menu on checkout? ( DEFAULT VAT YES/NO ECT)

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  • Hey Alex, we'll definitely monitor this request to see if more people are requiring the same. As for a solution you can implement now, for those services that can be given away without tax, you could create and sell a seperate service. So you'd have one service that has tax included as a default and another than does not have tax included. This will save you having to adjust your settings regularly and it'll also help you keep track of how many tax free services you are providing. 

    Hope this helps!

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  • I am also requiring this option of tax exempt. We have over 30 different services, and would not be a viable option to have an additional service group with no tax. We tend to also adjust our prices at checkout to add additional costs. Our service prices need to be flexible which is why we are unable to list every single option. If we did, we would have over 100 services. I hope we can have a drop down for tax exempt soon!!

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  • I would also like a drop down tax option. It will make it so much easier to take out taxes when needed to during checkout. 

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  • I would also like a tax exempt drop down.it would make my life so much easier  

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