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How to use Permission Level Access


Is anyone else having the problem understanding this?

I have a column and so do my three staff members. We keep the calendar on our computer all day. checking clients in. Booking appointments and seeing them out. At no time. Are we asked to prove who we are to do such services. No pin is required or email. We just run it as its me. So as far as access or GDPR anyone can assess everything. The update makes no sense at all to me. Does anyone else have these issues? 


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    Hey Samantha, thanks for sharing!

    Here's an article to help you with setting up permission levels, per staff member, so they can use their own log in access. We do not recommend staff use your log in details as they'll then have access to everything (clients, reports, settings etc):

    Create User Log Ins & Permissions

    We also have a User Forum idea to create a feature to  make it easier and faster to switch between users and permission levels where you can add your vote:

    Quick Switch Between User Logins

    For now, it'd be a matter of logging in and out but remember you can log into other devices too.

    Eg the shared computer could have a lower permission level for day to day activities and the owner can stay logged in as the owner on their own tablet or mobile to review reports. 

    Hope this helps!


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