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Discount codes for clients


Is there a way that you can add an option for a client to put a discount code in when they book in themselves e.g. discount20 (obviously one we choose)?


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    Hey Kelli, 

    We love the idea of online promo codes and we'll definitely look to add these :) 

    In the meantime, the client can simply add the discount code to their online booking notes as these will appear directly the appointment. You'll then know which discount to apply during check out.

    To make it easier to apply and track discounts, head to "Setup">"Discount Types" to add your discount name and quantity (value or percentage). These can then be applied during check out and reported on under "Analysis">"Reports">"Discount summary"

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  • this is really complicated and long-winded, can you please set up the option to have discount coupons for clients?

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  • It is needed as our receptionist always forgot to apply discount for clients who have remarks promo code on booking notes. It would be great if there is promocode fill in and it would directly apply the discount for the client when checkout. 

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  • Thanks for all your feedback! We really appreciate any ideas or suggestions you have, and have shared your feedback with our development team. This isn’t something we’re currently working on, but we have loads of exciting features ready to launch over the next few months. 

    In the meantime, we suggest selling vouchers to your client directly which you can use to redeem at the time of checking out. All your clients vouchers are tracked from sales > vouchers. Alternatively, setup a discount amount from your discount settings to apply easily whilst checking out. 

    Partners can still cast their vote if they would like this feature built in the future where you apply a set discount per client.

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  • 'improved discounts is coming' is a theme we've been hearing on fresha support for a good 2 or 3 years and it's now old. while there have been improvements they are still lacking, and we really need a choice of discount/promotion options to help our business and address quiet spells, discounts such as
    X% on all services on Mondays
    X% with Stylist Z between these dates
    generally discounts that could automatically apply to specific services, with specific stylists, and on or between specific days
    If there was just a specific discount code box then even that would help us
    Post-lockdown trade has us needing promotional promotional options more than ever, and the lack of this has us actively looking for an alternative solution

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