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Increase Cancellation notice period and Online Booking Availability



Hi Fresha-Team
I will kindly ask you, if its possible to make this change
it is very important for my business :)
thanks a lot



  • Hi Mariel,

    Thanks for sharing.

    Is there a reason you would like these extended? Please explain so we can understand your requirements further. 

    The majority of online bookings made are 48 hours before the appointment so blocking clients from booking until 'next week' might be counterproductive. Note: if you do not have availability then client's cannot book with you regardless :) 

    As for the cancelation period, 4 days seems to be a long notice period. The majority of clients feel 24 - 48 hours is a fair amount but keen to hear your thoughts! 

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  • Dear

    Thanks for your reply :)

    In my business, the clients DOES do the appointment minimum 6 days before and pay 5 days before the treatment-date, cause 5 days before the treatment the client need to start with previous care. and my client can't cancel 24hr  before the appointment cause I can't give the chance another client 24hs before.


    I hope you can understand my English :)

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  • I don't like that clients can cancel their appointments at all. I had a client cancel 5 minutes before their colour appointment and wasn't aware. I can't fill a colour appointment in 48 hours. Please remove this as an option for the client.

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  • Yes please, I'm in the same opinion like Faye Montford. Clients should not cancel the appointment by themselves.

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