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Link a new stylist and un-link an old from salon account


Link a new stylist and un-link an old stylist from account.

Stylists seem to come and go fairly often, it would be nice to be able to link a new stylist to a salon account and un-link an old stylist from the salons account.

When un-linking an old stylist it would be preferable for them to only have access to the clients they have provided services for. We don't want to take their clients, but we have to protect ourselves and other stylists as well.

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  • Hey Blaine 👋

    Thanks for the suggestion. For security reasons, the accounts are owned by the owner of the email addresses assigned to the account. This is so that owners can retain full control over their accounts. For this reason, the staff member would need to reach out to their salon owner in order to delete their profile from the owner's account.

    In regards to staff members accessing their own client data, we can certainly look into this request ❤️

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