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Stop the separation of one booking with multiple services if client has "no preference" of staff member


Hi there, 

If a client selects the "no preference" option on his booking, but books two or more treatments, Fresha often blocks out time under one staff member and then allocates the other service to another staff member (if one is not able to fit in both services). 

This is a nightmare when the calendar is almost full, because we then have to "separate" the client services between two staff members and it looks very bad on us. 

Please advise if

1. there is a way to prevent this, and

2. if not, is it something that you will look at in the near future?


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    We're on it :) 

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  • YES Please... I have a service called Consultation (15 min) and one my staffs complained it was sometimes booked separately although she did have the 15 min slot available and I did a test and she was right, for some reason when I select no preference, it's booked with 2 different stylists although one would be able to do both with the selected time slot.

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