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Add Dental Services on treatment type


 Please add dental services on the "Treatment type" of services as our services is dental services


  • Hi, i’ve Actually just joined and am doing dental services. I manually entered the service category and have compiled a list of all my services and prices which am inputting slowly.
    I have found that I can add crowns, dentures and whitening kits as products.
    My problem is partial payments since clients pay down on services. Have you figured a way to do this?
    I am gong to add a crown partial payment and crown balance payment on my services category sonas to generate that type of invoice and therefore also make it mandatory that they pay 75% on such services on the day it’s done

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  • Hi Rosa,

    Thanks for your feedback. Good news - Dental Treatments and Teeth Whitening are both available as treatment types. 

    Keep the suggestions coming!

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