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Adding Group Service


I Love Fresha and how it works!

Would have ability to add an option such as "Customers Per Hour" which will extend ability for Admins to decide how many clients will be available to book specific service at one time and location.

For now this option is One by default wich allows to only ONE client to book Service per specific Time / Specialist / Location. Let's say if I booked barbering today at 11 AM for 1 hour for particular Berber and barbershop, then nobody can book this again for the same time with me. Which is Good! But...

But, mentioned above extension will extend fresha.com to the Heaven and be available for a many of Huge niches such as Group Training: Yoga, Fitnes, Dancing, Coaching and so on.

All Fresha need is to add tiny option: extend ability to set number of the visitors per one time for the Admins for any specific service.

Once Admin added that 5 visitors available to book service at the same day and time, then Group Service will be available and entire booking system will be extended for MAX flexibility.

And for every single visitor it will looks totaly same as individual booking and Calendar will show up those Total number of visitors who booked appointment for Group Service.


  • Yes please, I’m needing group appointments, capped as well to different numbers of clients depending on group session being given.

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  • This is almost a year ago. Please bring in Group Bookings!

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  • Yes please this would be ideal for us for training groups

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