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Client Cards


We are now using a folder containing our clients cards, a paper page for each one with all the technical infos about previous colouring services.

It would be great if we could have it into Fresha as a set of records for each client.

Thanks in advance.




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    Hey Folks! Currently, you can easily keep track of each client's information by adding and managing client notes. Check out our help centre article here.

    Stay tuned for more updates as we roll out exciting new features based on your feedback ❤️

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  • That would be very helpful!!!

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  • Perhaps as a possible solution you could place this info in the notes section of each client. There is an option to show this info with all bookings. This can be edited, so you can update as needed.

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  • Well, putting all these information in the notes would make them a bit confusing.

    Just think about a client who comes twice per month, in a year will produce 24 different unformatted rows with comments and more. 

    That's why we should have it in a serate section with a set of records easily to recall.

    And it would be also great if to each record we could associate a picture showing the result of that specific work.


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  • Understood. Perhaps in the notes you place a hyperlink to an on line file storage ( google docs, one drive, drop box, onehub etc). Giving you access to your choice of information as you require.

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  • Hi everyone :) 

    Currently, there are two places to add notes:

    • Client notes are added to the Client Card and would be more permanent ones like: ‘Allergic to’ or regular colour formulas/ conditions as they appear on every appointment.
    • Bookings notes are appointment specific like one off formulas or ‘reacted well, good progress etc’ which be viewed on the calendar as well as in the Client's "Appointment History" under Clients.

    You can still edit both Client Notes and Booking Notes after the appointment is checked out, just click "complete" then edit.

    This way, your notes are not all grouped together but organised by the specific appointment they had or specifically to the client. Hope this helps? :) 

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  • dear all: pls go to the item 

    Improved Client Notes

    and upvote that one !!!

    dispersed entgries with smaller vote qty will not yield in any activity by the developers


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  • I find the client comment section confusing. I have to add the date for the visit and it can easily be deleted. After every visit there should be a section to write notes and they get saved with that date.

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  • I take a lot of notes each time I see a client and have a paper/file-based charting system; I would love to be able to transition the charting to electronic (sounds like the "client notes" = client charting?). Apps like Janeapp have this system.

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  • @rosie no need to add the date of the visit if you are adding the notes to the "Booking" as the appointment itself has it's own time and date stamp :) 

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  • It would be helpful To have clients cards !!
    I understand you said that the date has date stamp but it would be better to add big dates to see everything I’ve done and have some stuff in bold and more ... thanks keep up the good work!!

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  • I would love to see fresha have online record cards like phorest salon software offers. it would be easier to look at clients record information (what lash curl and thickness the client had + what nail colour the client had) getting clients to also sign the consultation on a tablet to confirm all the information was correct.


    please make this possible 

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