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I am a stylist and a lot of times I am not able to see if a new appointment is made. Unless, I am scheduling a new one for that week or remind myself to look before I go to bed at night. It would be nice if we can get notifications of a new appointments scheduled and/or cancelled with date and time. This can be via SMS or Google. Features that would help:
1. An option to turn them on and off, so they don't become too much for me or whoever may need this notification that stay busy a lot.
2. And option to have date range notifications. If you only want notifications for that month, next 3 etc.


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    Brand New Staff Notifications! 🙋

    We've created something even better than email and SMS for staff notifications.

    More reliable and more cost effective, we bring you in app notifications!

    Each staff member can now be notified through the bell icon when an appointment has been created or updated. Whether you’ve been booked online or internally, whether it’s rescheduled or canceled, never miss a beat!

    Head to the avatar in the top right hand corner and click the gear icon to update your Notification Settings 🔔🔥

    And next month, you can look forward to the downloadable app with push notifications!

    Find out more about this here.

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  • Hi Roschelle, 

    Thanks for sharing! You can switch on and off staff email notifications under "Setup">"Staff Notifications". This way, any time a new appointment is created, you'll be notified. You can update your phone settings so these email notification appear on your mobile home-screen the same way SMS do. 

    Likewise, we're working on the Fresha application so that you can be sent notifications through the app as SMS notifications get expensive really quickly :) 

    Hope this helps!

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  • And to have it just sent the therapists who was booked, not the whole team 

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  • Hey Fresha Team,

    Quick question about notifications: I see the bell icon accumulate a count and all settings seem to be enabled in order for our staff to be notified, however since it's still in a browser-based-app form, that notification count doesn't seem to trigger anything our mobile-browsers are recognizing as an event that the browser then enacts out a signal (audible or popup or otherwise)...is there any way or plans to enable or allow that count change to trigger a browser event please? We've tried every level of notification permissions on both iPhones and Android mobile devices but so far no joy...Thank you so much, again, y'all are providing such a great product!

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  • Hey Nicole, push notifications with a chime for the mobile is due next month, along with the downloadable app :D 

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