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Partial Payments


Hi Team,
Great product.
Loving it.
Can you tel me if I am able to take partial payments towards an invoice? As a dental clinic sometimes I wish to have the client pay 75% down on let’s say a crown or denture so as to cover costs etc and then they pay the balance on delivery. Am having difficulty doing that and was going to set up my services to reflect Crown stage 1 or Denture Stage 1 Etc and have the payment reflected per stage. While this may make sense for some services a part payment or downpayment feature would be nice.


  • Hi Amit, yes, you can apply a part payment :) 

    On the payments page, you can edit how much the client will be paying before selecting the payment type. You can then click "More Options" and save as "Part-paid".

    You can then take the remaining payment any other time. It's worth noting though that once an invoice as been raised, it cannot be edited, so if you apply a part payment, you cannot add additional services to that particular invoice. 

    Hope this helps!


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  • So, in a case like this, how to you process the balance of the amount owed?  I have a client who owed $20, and that balance is highlighted when I bring up the invoice and on the sales screen, but I can't figure out how to log that payment.  Maybe link that 'highlighted' item to a new invoice labeling as balance owing?


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  • While processing insurance co-pays at the time of service, we have entered the amount to be rendered at time of service but when we process for Fresha credit card terminal to process payment it defaults to the original amount owing and does not provide an override function.  How do we collect partial payments in the terminal?

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  • Yes I'd like to know if this will work as a payment plan the membership option seems tricky. I don't want to try it incase it doesn't work ! I assume I'd add the full package amount and then charge an amount  up to 3 times ( possible different amounts) ? But i can't see how you go back to payment as mentioned above 

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  • @everyone, 

    Partial payments can be done by raising an invoices and charging the amount you've taken. You can track this and then charge the rest on the day. 

    If you want to take payments partially automatically, set up deposits to do so. You can learn more about deposits here!

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