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i have had Clients leave star rating but no reviews. Is there a way of seeing who has left a rating? I’ve dropped to a 4.5 and I’ve no way of seeing who or why? This could have a big impact, as I always go by ratings when I purchase. Without a way of replying to these ratings or reviews how are we able to manage this feedback.

i think this is really important moving forward - I able to see reviews on all other platforms but this one  





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    As part of your Fresha upgrade, you can a capture client ratings after the appointment has been completed.

    You now also have a dedicated report to view who has left you a review and for which appointment.

    See the ⭐ icon from the main menu on the calendar to view your ratings.

    There are also written reviews available from the same reporting section. 🌟

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  • Hi Rachel, thanks for posting! Yes, we plan on adding a new section for reviews. 

    For the time being, you can just email us at hello@fresha.com to request your ratings breakdown :) 

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  • My client did a review in front of me today and we thought she selected 5 stars then all of a sudden the page went onto submit all by itself and only rated 1 star in the end? This has given me a lower rating now, is there a way she can do it again please? Can she be contacted to do it via yourselves to authenticate legitimacy if needs be?

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