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Link Appointments


The option to link appointments together. So for example...
I have 2 clients:

One wants just a color and blow dry and one wants a color and hair cut. If we could have it so they just choose one or the other and the padded time is added in between the two services color & blow dry or color & haircut.

What’s happening is clients are booking in a haircut then color after and it can’t work that way and it messes up my schedule. I turned off online booking for awhile because of this and it defeated the whole purpose of using this. I’ve now had to just join the color and cut all together in one, which blocks out an entire 3 hour slot so if clients want to book online, it won’t show any availability for during those times even though there is a time I have open for processing.


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    Packages are live!

    Bundle services together to act as one!

    For Mani/Pedi, Couples massages or Colour, Wash, Cut, Blow dry combinations, your packages can be created in sequence or in parallel to ensure services are always booked in the perfect order.

    Follow the article to set up your packages now!

    Course packages have also been released!

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  • I have this same problem. Doesn’t add the extra service after the Colour and clients keep forgetting to add a blowwave or dry off.

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  • This is absolutely necessary in the salon industry!! We need the convenience of being able to efficiently adjust appointments, especially when adding services last minute. If one is already booked, it should be easy enough to link another client or another service for scheduled client, and have it show on our calender this way! This should automatically show linked appointments for "checkout". 

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  • Absolutely essential for effective 'scheduling' of stylists work time and checkout payments. Without it online booking can become a farce and stylist time easily wasted ….not good for business !! Other salon software have good linked arrangements....Fresha would be even better with same.



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