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Multiple commission levels


I would be nice to be able to have multiple commission levels. For example, we give a different commission on hair colors vs regular hair cuts.


  • I own a salon, and offer commission for product sales in a tiered style:

    $0-100 = 10% commission


    $101-200= 15%

    $201+ = 20%

    I also allow the girls to not receive commission and put it in an education fund...they get 20% for all product sales if they apply it to education.

    I am thinking of changing this to be able to use your system... to keep track 

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  • i would love that too !


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  • I definately need this feature. We have different sevices with different commission percentage that are done by the same staff member. So right now I can´t do that because the commission % is set on the staff member profile and not on the service itself.

    Please Fresha, have this under consideration.

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  • Hey Folks 👋

    The current commission structure is standardized to one percentage across all services, products and vouchers, however, we are aware that most businesses have different commission structures and we definitely plan on adding more customizations. Thanks for sharing your feedback ❤️

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  • Yes please! I hope this is coming soon. We work on a tiered commission depending on staff sales.

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  • Hi All, 

    Whilst we are still tracking this request, we have released tiered commissions. You can learn more about this update here

    We'll keep tracking this request for future iterations to commissions.

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