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Block Serial No Showers/Cancellers


Is there a way to block or stop, people that have cancelled too many times or keep not showing for bookings, from making online bookings. 

Maybe have an option button on profiles to disable online bookings. And if they do try and book to have a message pop up saying they need to contact the salon if they want to book an appointment. 



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    Block certain users from booking online! 🙅

    Clients won't know they are blocked and your staff can clearly see the new blocked status for such clients. Click here to learn more.



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  • I would LOVE this feature!! Acuity has it. I am not comfortable with requiring a credit this is the best solution.

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  • We to need this feature ASAP!!

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  • Yes we need because costing me clients and 💰

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  • I cancell a few people regularly as they keep booking. I even told them that they'll need to di their business elsewhere, and they're still booking. As early as today again. Are you going to add a feature to prevent?

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