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Hide prices from online booking


We really do not need or want prices showing for services, how do you turn off that function? We do a lot of custom color correction, etc, and fixed prices are not necessary. In fact, we have several clients on different pricing levels. 


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    Hey Folks 👋

    Thanks for sharing your feedback. Price must be allocated to all services as from a client's point of view they like to see what they are signing up for so no surprises. We've introduced advanced pricing where you can add a starting from range, click here for more information ❤️

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  • Hi. A possible solution that may work for you. When you create a service, set a price of $ 0.00. That is to say you must actually enter that amount in order for it to be accepted. Then on checkout you would adjust accordingly.

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  • I have the same issue where all our clients are on different price levels and we cannot have a fixed price for online booking. Can you please add a feature where u can hide the prices for online booking clients.

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  • I also would like to hide the price on certain services. I keep the pricing associated with the apmnts for my cancellation policy, if I put it to zero and they no show I won't be able to charge them.
    However, with the pricing showing on certain apmnts, my bridal clients are afraid to book because they think they will get charged twice.

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  • Please let us decide to show prices for online booking. Would be much simpler for the clients and less stress for us. If clients choose the wrong one...

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  • Hi, similarly to those above. Our prices can't be fixed until the client arrives on site. Only then can we  provide a consultation and predict the final price with a greater degree of accuracy.

    Sending customer comms that include "Your price is £X" is misleading for the customer and can lead to bad customer experience (i.e. they think they're paying £X when at the very least £X is likely to be a minimum charge, with the final charge likely being higher).

    To resolve, we'd like...


    ...to publish the price as a "from £X", possibly with a "...dependant on a, b & c" qualifier


    ...to NOT publish the price at all.

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  • My pricing varies depending on the client. I do not like pricing showing up at all. How soon will this be rectified.

    Thank you Fresha in advance.


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