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Staff in multiple locations, easier visibility


Looking to have dual availability options: so I could have availability set to either see clients at their location or at mine, but have same time frames available. 

Also looking to have appointment availability for somewhere else I'm looking to set up Fresha to allow for Skype or In Person and also have the dual availability for appointments to be set, and not accidentally double book.

I'm looking to have multiple locations so they can be notified that it will be at my place of business, their home, or on Skype depending on what the appointment is. Rather than the confusion of it being "at place of business" when they specifically requested for their home or over Skype.

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  • @jenna - if it's just you, the best solution would be to have one "location" within your account but with two service menu's. One for 'on site' and one for 'off site'. I'm assuming off site will cost a little extra and you'll need to build in travel time (Block time). This way, you can see all of your appointments in one calendar view. You can also have different colours per Service Group so it's clear for you what is where :)  

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