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Online booking Display - Next Available Date


This booking system is great but something thats seriously lacking is the online booking display!! 

why do clients have to click through each day/week to find the next available ! 

it needs to be a monthly display and each day shows whats available


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    Hey Folks 👋

    Thanks for your feedback. Good news - this feature is live and ready for you to use! Clients are now given an option to jump to the next available date when there's no availability, saving them heaps of time.

    Keep the suggestions coming - we’re always looking for new and exciting features that will help you! ❤️

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  • I would like to see a monthly calender of coloured spots that show avaliblity. That I feel is the best online setup. going day by day isnt practical and annoying for people trying to book. and automaticly going to next avalible like shhortcuts does gets clients confused thinking they booked there selected date but computer changed it. Look at kitomba calender. its good, has different icons for different things, closed days. ect


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  • I would like to see this or something similar.  I am currently setting up a calendar for my business which is currently just me, and I only work a day or two a week (and the days can vary from week to week.  I would like the online booking to only show available days (and/or available appointment slots)

    I have previously been using other providers which only show days that are available for booking

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  • I would also like to see this as I’m losing clients or they just end up contacting me directly as they’re presuming I have no availability because they give up clicking on every day. If this doesn’t improve then I can see me not bothering with online booking and the possibility of not upgrading to fresha plus because it would be a waste of money if majority contact me anyway 

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  • Come on Fresha! this is seriously needed! 


    I'm losing clients because they can't find times online and don't want to click next through each week! this will increase online bookings 100%

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