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Report to List All Clients by The Service They Received


We need to be able to get a report of all clients that had one particular service.  You guys have given us every other report and this is imperative as it makes no sense to be sending marketing to clients that are not interested in a particular service.  Sending general emails don't work.  I am sure you guys are waiting to probably have a charged service to do that in some way as i doubt you don't see the importance of this report to us.  Please just charge us a flat fee already and not try to get things at every angle.  Millennium and other programs allow such reports to be run for free.  I can not continue to send generalized emails to people as if they are not interested they leave the mailing list or block us.


  • I would also love to be able to target my clients according to their treatment type. We are currently sending mails to everyone and having a certain number of people unsubscribing.

    I love using Fresha! Thank you for an amazing platform!

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  • @Ricea, 

    Absolutely agree with you on having more reports. There are quite a few reports already added and taking a look at the community, we see that there are many more requested.

    Adding more reports to the analytical section is on our list to do, but we don't want to end up creating too many specific reports which will only add to the existing reporting pages a lot of reports that will be underused or add to the list making it difficult to get to the crucial reports everyone uses. 

    Luckily, there is a report that can give you the information you need with pivoting.  Export the sales log from the Analytics > Reports menu. Open this up in excel or similar software and pivot the information by service as a row and client by row. You can also use the service as a calculation so you can sort it by services most rendered. 

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