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Feature Request: Vouchers List Within Checkout


Currently, we are able to view all vouchers via the Sales > Vouchers tab. This section allows us to filter our vouchers perfectly fine but does not allow us to search by client and filter. We're also instructed, while we wait for packages to be rolled out, we are to use the voucher system to sell packages.

In a real-world example, if we sell a 3 service x 10 pack, this will create 30 vouchers. This is a very common package which will see that Vouchers tab mentioned earlier, filled quickly with valid vouchers.

While the example provided by Fresha to handle vouchers by copy/pasting them into the client notes 'works', this is not practical when dealing with a large number of packages/products. As stated earlier, one pack can have 30 vouchers in them. During peak clinic times, staff members will forget to remove a voucher code from the clients' notes. This is an accident but will snowball into a huge problem down the line.

A client may have vouchers still available but doesn't want to miss out on another bulk sale. Now we have to add more vouchers, hopefully, not overwriting the old ones. There is just too much that can go wrong.

So to ensure that no mistakes are being made, we cannot use that system suggested.

Out next option is to get a valid voucher code from the Vouchers Tab (Sales > Vouchers), then use that inside the checkout. Well if we sort by valid vouchers, we'll see all client vouchers, requiring us to manually find the client name. This is no good.

So we'll do a search for the client, now we see a mixture of valid, redeemed and invalid vouchers and no way to sort them. This is overwhelming but it technically works. We'll need to click through the pages and physically write 3 valid voucher codes (for the 3 products remember) before we can continue to checkout process.


We can already see that the Vouchers tab (Sales > Vouchers) offers a way to search for clients. Which means we should be able to use that exact same functionality inside the client account. We should have a new tab for Vouchers, offering the same information as the (Sales > Vouchers) tab, just filtered to the particular client.

Next, we should have another tab added to the client details when in the checkout section. This will enable staff to go through the checkout process, goto the client details, click the vouchers tab and see all the valid vouchers for that client. This should ONLY display the valid vouchers, save pulling un-necessary information.

This will streamline the checkout system and greatly reduce the margin of error. It's a win/win change. We literally have the functionality built, just need to optimise it into a useful tool within the checkout area, where it should be getting the most use.


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    We have some fantastic news to share with you! Based on your valuable feedback, we have released an update where clients' valid gift card codes are linked to their profile and easily available to view as a payment option at checkout ✨

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