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invoice for more than one client/ appointment at a time


 Would love to have the option to checkout more than one client at a time if someone is paying for other people who are also having treatments or if a client has more than one service for example an appointment on a monday and friday and wishes to pay for them both on the monday if it could all be added to the one bill instead of having to put through seperately. Is this a feature that will be happening soon?



the beauty chambers


  • This is why we have 1 family/Client file. Clients booking for more than 1 person shouldn't have to have different accounts to book online, or go in and out to book.

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  • Hey Folks 👋

    Thanks for the suggestion! We'll be building an official feature for combining invoices in the future but in the meantime, what you can do is quickly check them all out and add up the total so the client only has to physically pay once ❤️

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